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Home Visit 2023


The KCAUK TRUST is very happy to announce the successful launch of yet another new initiative known as THE FAMILY FRIENDLY INTERACTIVE HOME VISITS. The primary aim of this new initiative is to pay a brief and friendly home vist to the elderly, retired and invalid members of our community and members of the KCAUK Trust. A number of them are mostly housebound most of the time, unable to go out and about and are forced to live a life of semi- isolation and loneliness.

Moreover, surrounded by  various problems associated with advanced age, physical and mental weaknesses, health and emotional issues, they are likely to experience many problems in daily life.

The Family Friendly Interactive Home Visit 

Initiative intends to play an active role in minimising and alleviating the sufferings, difficulties and disadvantages faced by the elderly members of the community. We are fully committed and willing to help them in whatever way we can. We would like to interact and share our time with them to pray, to talk, to sing  Christian devotional songs and show that we genuinely care for them and sympathise with them. We hope that the Family Friendly Interactive Home Visits will play an active role in breaking down the monotony, loneliness and isolation experienced by a lot of our elderly people who are virtually confined to their own homes. As a matter of fact at this late stage of their life they have very few visitors turning up to see them. We would very much like to give them our full support and make positive and proactive co-operation in bringing a little cheer and happiness into their life. We would also encourage them to talk to us and tell us whatever they want to talk about and we would listen to them with due care, patience and courtesy. Everything that is discussed during such  visits will be kept strictly confidential. Our friendly behaviour and attitude will help to convince them that we are on their side. We would also like to highlight the fact that these are people who have spent their life time looking after their near and dear ones. Therefore, we all have a moral and social responsibility to give something back to them in their old age.

Our little acts of kindness and of mercy will go a long way to cheer them up and will also act as a token of our appreciation for all the great things they have done for us over the years.

Please don't forget to remember the fact that one day the time will come when we too have to go through our second childhood, namely, our old age. So let us do our bit for them now and help them as much as possible in whatever way can.

Once our Family Friendly Home Visits programme is up and running smoothly, we would like to invite potential members to join in as members as well as office bearers and get involved in the activities and initiatives organised by the KCAUK Trust.

*Feedback, Comments, Reactions and Responses:*

KCAUK's Family Friendly Home Visit initiative has been running very  smoothly and successfully. A number of community members whom we visited expressed their genuine appreciation for our initiative. Many of them have shown their desire for further home visits at regular intervals. This shows that our program is very effective, acceptable to senior citizens that we visited so far. They seem to be welcoming and enjoying our visits, joint prayers, devotional singing, brief and joint interactive conversations. According to what they told us our visits are very helpful, relaxing, enjoyable, energising and spiritually upliftings. Many of them have no hesitation in acknowledging and appreciating the value of our interactive home visits.

KCAUK would like to ask you that it would be a very good idea to share their comments, opinions, appreciation and level of enjoyment of what we actually do for them during our visits.

Incase they are not able to pass on the comments by themselves they could ask the help of their children or grand children on be their half to do this for them on WhatsApp.

This not only will help us to improve our procedures and performance next time around but also let other members of the community know exactly what the participants felt and experienced. We are also told them that to gain access to KCAUK's WhatsApp group they need to contact the numbers given below.

Any one wishing to join in with the Home Visit Team or for more information please contact: 

  • Shajan Joseph: 07956808336
  • Thomas John: 07957506967
  • Sunil Pereira:  07834065543
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