Kerala Catholic Association of the UK

Chairman’s Message to Members

Dear Members,

I am writing to inform you of the changes that have occurred within KCA following our recent AGM, as well as to remind you of our long term vision and aims for the future in relation to what we desire to achieve for the greater benefit of our community. 

It is going to be a very challenging year for KCA, but we the Board of Directors (BOD) can deliver our best with your sincere support and cooperation. For an association to grow, its members need to participate whole heartedly and work with us shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve our aims. 

As the Chairperson, I want our members to look at our work very closely and evaluate what we do. If you are not satisfied with our work, please tell us, because constructive criticism will help our association to progress. Following the AGM 2014, we have made some important amendments in the constitution to: increase the involvement of the younger generation, as well as to encourage more women to be present in the Board of Directors. For this aim to be achieved we have removed the provision of a two year compulsory volunteering period in order to be eligible to become a BOD member. We believe this will create the right balance within our organisation.

Our long term dream is to acquire a Spiritual/Community Home, in the AGM we have: decided to run all our spiritual events and pilgrimages under the Charity banner, begun the process towards obtaining tax refunds from our charitable work, introduced a new membership drive for all employed people over the age of 18 in the community and instated a new membership fee. This is our medium to long term vision for the ultimate aim of acquiring a Spiritual/Community Home. To ensure we stay on track to achieving our dream, the team are requesting your valuable feedback, involvement and cooperation.

Kerala Catholic Association of the UK is going from strength to strength, from our cultural programmes to our spiritual and recreational events. We want to explore and achieve much more. The current Board of Directors are already thinking about next year and we want more people to become members of our Board of Directors. In addition we have plans to run low cost fundraising events. We also request members (of all age groups) to help us with our work by volunteering some of their spare time for the benefit of the community. A collective approach can help our way forward.

I am one of the founding members of KCA and over the past many years, I have worked tirelessly for KCA. However, I have not taken this post for bettering myself, but to improve the services to our community. The structure of KCA had changed last year and now our aims and objectives have also changed and we believe this change is for the better.

Our focus this year has been on delivering more for the younger generation as they are the future of our community. Within the last few years itself we have seen a noticeable increase in the participation of youth members in our events and even within the Board of Directors. The youth of today is our workforce for tomorrow. 

We have maintained excellent working relationships with our partner organisations, ecclesiastical authorities (Walsingham, Aylesford and St Jude’s Shrine) and we endeavour to work closely with our chaplaincy to strengthen it for the greater benefit of our community.

KCA is changing and we want to promote improved diversity and equality. So our question to you is, as a member of this community what can you offer? By joining the work of KCA, your involvement will be welcomed, appreciated and valued. As the Chairperson, I believe we have an exceptional team on board to run our association. We anticipate your feedback, support and advice.

God Bless,

Shajan Joseph

KCA Chairman

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