Kerala Catholic Association of the UK

Chairpersons Message 2022

Dear All,

We wanted to reach out to you given the current developments between Russia and Ukraine. While we might be distant geographically, there might be some of us that have friends or family in the countries concerned. 

Equally those of you who do not have any connections may be experiencing concern or anxiety over the upcoming news. 

We have been through a challenging period with the pandemic and none of us operate in a vacuum. Therefore please know that myself and the executive board members are aware of the impact that the world events can have on us all. 

Please practice self-care and look after your own health and well-being. 

Stay healthy, safe, and happy. 

With warm wishes.

God bless. 

Dr Lizy Damien 

President & Chair 

Kerala Catholic Association of the UK (KCAUK, Est. 1983)

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