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KCA Elects New Board of Directors

Following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Kerala Catholic Association of the UK on Sunday 11 May 2014, 13 Board of Directors were elected.


Thereafter on Sunday 1 June 2014, the Board of Directors met and conducted an internal election in the presence of independent observers Messrs Terence Kabalias and Sunil Pereira..

KCA Elects New Officials


The following are the Directors with their respective positions:-

  1. Chairman: Mr. Shajan Joseph
  2. General Secretary: Dr. Shaji Joseph
  3. Treasurer: Mr. Vivian Johnson
  4. Audit Director: Mr. Joseph Gomez
  5. Spiritual Director: Mr. Danny Innocent
  6. Sports and Recreation Director: Mr. Sebastian Danny George
  7. Arts and Culture Director: Mr. James Jerald
  8. Media Director: Mr. Mervin Peter


Other Directors:  

Mr. Tomy Isaac, Mr. Irwin Peter, Mr. Stanley E Napoleon, Mr. Melvin Gomez, Mr. Damian Thomas



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