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Welcome BannerThe Woman's Forum began its mission and objectives by making an outstanding and unique endeavour to help raise funds for the people of Burma who have had their lives torn apart by the 2008 cyclone. On a wet and miserable Sunday 25th May 2008, members of the Forum congregated in front of East Ham Town Hall, London where they were given a very motivating speech by Newham Councillor Lakmini Shah who has been an active supporter of the Forum from its embryonic stage. The Forum did a charity walk in Newham. The walk commenced at 11.30am with a brisk walk down Barking Road, cutting through to Plaistow, followed by green scenes at Stratford Park, and finally terminating at Plashet Park – a total of 5 miles. The group raised a sizeable amount as a result of undertaking this very successful activity and the donations were sent to Burma. 

In 2009 and 2010, Kerala Catholic Association of the UK, jointly organised Family Funday projects with Malayalee Association of the UK (MAUK) and Sree Narayana Guru Mission of the UK (SNGM). All three organisations worked very hard together in what turned out to be one of the biggest outdoor Family events organised by any Malayalee organisation in the UK. In both years, the Woman's Forum of all three organisations worked together by making all sorts of very delicious food which were sold at the event, of which the funds generated were given to a charity in the UK and a charity in India (Kerala). In 2009, funds were given to First Step (UK) – a charity supporting children with special needs and Assisi Vinayalaya – charity in Kollam, Kerala, India. In 2010, funds were given to a National Cancer Charity (UK) and Gandhi Bhavan in Kollam.


To provide a Forum for women in the Malayalee community and to discuss their issues and work towards their common interests.

Goals & Objectives 
  • To develop an understanding among the women in the Malayalee community.
  • To project a positive image of Malayalee women in the UK.
  • Work for the advancement of woman and children of all races in the areas of health, education and welfare. 
  • To discuss problems affecting women in the UK.
  • To develop programmes and projects to help women in Kerala, India.
  • To encourage more interaction between Malayalee women and other organisations in the UK. 
  • To promote for a safe and tolerant society in the community.
  • To welcome and promote diversity and equality in our community

We hereby extend our invitation to all women to join the KCA's Women's Forum. 

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